Things to remember when spending on holidays

Last year to early New Year is usually the time when families are busy shopping for Tet. The price escalation, economic stagnation, currency devaluation … are the anxiety that everyone is entangled. How to shop for real savings but still effective, reasonable? Let’s take a look at some of the tips for effective spending later!

Setup the plan for everythings need to spend.

Everybody wants to own the goods, but they are really necessary

Can not hold back the smartphone just launched, but how would you do if it quickly became obsolete within a year?

This list will help you “wake up” and clear between those you WANT and need to better control financial. You should budget your family for food, furniture, repair, refurbishment, transportation, travel, gifts, etc..

An effective spending tip is to sort the items you want to buy in order of priority from the preceding needs, then the next ones. This habit will help you control your finances optimally and enjoy the New Year full of family fun.

Do not be afraid to “hunt” the discount

Buying a sale will save you considerable money

This is also a very simple spending tip. End of the year is usually the “golden time” to the center of supermarkets, supermarkets and a variety of brands compete for Sale Off. This is a chance to own new items at extremely bargain prices.

Do not hesitate to ask the sales person about the promotions, nor miss any ad from the brands you care about this occasion.

“Do it yourself”

Self-cooking is a cost-effective method

Decorate and clean your home instead of hiring. Carry your personal water tank so you do not have to buy bottled water. In the kitchen to do lunch for the whole family to go to school, go to work instead of out to eat. Self-healing salt, frozen meat, prepared jams … All the worries of spending worries will be resolved if the whole family to promote the spirit of “home is the best.”

Try to see the family 4 people, a lunch 30,000 VND is a day lost 120,000. How about 22 days to work and school in the month? Your family can save “millions of dollars” per month just with this habit.

Limit the amount of cash in your wallet

Do not bring in much money

Once you have plenty of cash in hand, you will probably think of “spending”, or “overstretching” without paying attention. Only carry a sufficient amount of body room. You should even set a daily target that is only spent on a small amount of money. This way can both control the financial optimization, but also can “evaluate” whether you are wise to spend money or not.

Be careful when you own a credit card

Do not let credit cards “mesmerize”

Credit cards are very convenient and you always feel secure in your wallet. Take control of the habit of “bluff” card and moderation “surf shopping” when not really need. By the end of this year, you will feel something to buy. You will not know what the “horror” is waiting in the statement of maturity.

Prepare a cash payment for the credit immediately after the statement is sent. You will feel more comfortable not to suffer any debt because of spending too much.

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