Lost in Malacca – beautiful old town!

Malacca is an ancient city of Malaysia with a distinctive red color and architectural style influenced by Western countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This “Red City” is like a miniature Europe with a lot of ancient works are very well preserved to this day. The travel experience of Malaysia also brings you to the old town along the river of Malacca with the familiar look like Hoi An, bringing a lot of travel feelings for anyone who came here.

Malacca is located along the Malacca River, which flows into the Malacca Strait, so it is always sunny and windy. The Old Town in Malacca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many famous monuments such as St. Paul’s Hill, the ruins of the Portuguese fort, and many ancient museums. There are experiences that you definitely can not miss while visiting Malacca, the same points in the article below!

After stopping at the Malacca bus station, you can catch a grab or taxi to the city center for about 60,000 VND. Central Malacca is always busy, crowded and most people are walking or cycling because the attractions are very close. First of all, the red square is filled with the walls of the gospel church, the clock tower, the ancient buildings … and in particular, red is always the perfect background for visitors to take photos!

From the red square, you will go down the stairs and up the hill to Paul to be able to see the sea in sight. Go up the last steps to the rich museum along with shopping mall is always flooded with restaurants, coffee and famous brands.

Hard Rock Cafe: 28, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia. Price of food from about 200,000 VND – 500,000 VND / 2 people.

“Hard rock cafe” is a very familiar name in the world, right on the street Jonker in Malacca also has a restaurant where you can visit “chill” a bit with friends. Here are the fashion shows of the world famous bands that the followers of rock will definitely love.

Hard rock drinks are also very good to try! Often in addition to seeing together in the square, Malacca tourists also love to “Hard rock cafe” in the evening to get into the bustling atmosphere of many people around the world are gathered to where This.

Take in the scenic Malacca River and enjoy local food
The evening is a good time to sit and watch the Malacca River and enjoy local food in any of the pretty little shops. The prices of these restaurants are also very reasonable and especially the location is extremely comfortable to enjoy a true Malacca. This riverbank is also the busiest place in Malacca at night, like Bui Vien Street in Saigon, so if you come to this group of friends is not great!

If by day the city is brightly lit by red brick walls, the night is shimmering in the lights and musical performances, the circus impression of the local. Every corner of Malacca has a vintage smell and evokes a sense of classic beauty that is hard to find elsewhere. Experience this Malaysian tour then you do not miss the exciting experience in Malacca!

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