“Writing Everyday” and our mission…

Sincerely thank and welcome you to join the group “Writing Everyday”. Joining the group here is a lot of you as business owners are very successful business. Many people are Sales experts, Marketing… From various industries and sectors. There are many people doing business online, going to work, or looking for suitable job

We created Group “Writing Everyday ” With 1 profound belief that, each of us here is 1 UNIQUE DISTINCT value &. The journey of life is the journey of FINDING & to develop the unique inland value of each person to create social value and to get value for their trade

Some people find joy in understanding themselves, fostering the value of the interior. Some people find significance in spreading the internal value to create value for the society. Someone finds a sense of victory in the creation of commercial value

There are also those who are at the stage of seeking to value their own…

The journey of each person’s life will have trials and challenges, at which time we get tired and stop, when we see excitement and stand up. Fast, slow each person at different intervals, we just keep the belief & all our steps will come to the destination

With this belief, we created Group “Writing Everyday” with three objectives:

1. Inspire participating members, let’s take the journey of practice as a journey:

+ Learn yourself: Understand your true internal value

+ Develop yourself: fostering knowledge, training skills, creating habits to achieve the desired objectives

+ Positioning yourself: Find out the unique value of your own & delivered to those who need it

+ Value communication: Through content marketing jobs how you will know how to build your image, your position, create an impact & increase the sense value for the target customer group to get commercial value for you

2. Provide knowledge through articles, materials, online courses that help you save time and expense on the journey of each person’s life. Companion, to create a habit of writing for members to join the group

3. Build a healthy, positive environment that helps you connect, collaborate, support each other with the same development. Through your articles is also the opportunity for employers to trust & contact Us

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