The Alchemist – book salvation for those who exhausted ideas

Many times I’ve caught and crossed the book of The Alchemist. There were times that lifted the book and put it down. It’s just because I don’t like a little title, I’m still looking at it like that, but at one point, I can read a little bit of seed from the top to the end, sinking into the care of that poor boy Santiago’s journey to the treasure. Yes, my true self. The book gave me an image to look forward to, and in a cold way, it would tell me the ends if I didn’t make the right choice, the people weren’t Santiago.
Santiago was a shepherd, he left his family and chose to travel with his sheep because he wanted to discover the world, one time, he dreamt of a treasure hidden in the footsteps of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, a man who claimed to be the King of Salem. That’s where you can find your true treasure. You were given a choice to stay with the sheep or sell everything to begin a new journey across the Atlantic. Between a bunch of sheep dozens and a treasure in a dream. You chose the treasure in your dreams. The journey wasn’t simple, it made you suffer… as a heartless thief… three times, kidnapped, tortured, tortured, forced you to put down the thought of treasure… a bunch of sheep, a store that made it all fake. And money.
The biggest challenge for you may be in the desert with three hundred wells and years of rubble. Here you are chosen to be a consultant for the elders with the place and the money, it’s not the most difficult thing you’ve found the woman you love, imagine, but between the dead desert, you’ve got money. Who would put those things down to face death and find a treasure in a dream. And yet he chose the desert, chose to move on, choose the dangers of death, and Santiago’s imagination left the Victims behind to find the true treasure of his life beautiful.
For me, that choice is really shocking. Santiago chose to continue to leave her behind when his heart was still awake, his body was screaming for instinct. You don’t give up love, you just want love to be tested by Plugins, if love is true, you don’t have to give up your cause or yourself to choose your love, choose your ideals instead of money, your money, your own. Once, I had to stand before the same choice. No, it’s not that terrible. It’s just a superficial thrill of spring, something that’s still uncertain. And to choose to put down the wintering, it grieved, it was very tiresome. In fact, when I put that thing down, I found out that something that felt like a sponge of soap. Through that, I know more about a true love… a thing of love above the wishes of fame and body, something that can be unified by ideal, emotions, and physical love. Even though I don’t know what that love looks like, I know it’s not what I’ve been chasing or holding on for a whole time in spring, so I have to keep looking.
In the end, Santiago found the true treasure of his life and the love of his life. You get there because you dare to dare dare to rise above your suffering, dare your lips to bleed again. Santiago was the figure I needed to reach out, I had to have the right choice and put the right… the true treasure of my life. What if it’s not the right choice? If I didn’t make the right choice, I’d be the ones who’d never crossed the sea, a boss of a store on the side of the road, the elders of a lot of money would die in the desert, and even more savage. Who I am, where I come from, I have to choose, I’ll get the right end of that choice.

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