Writing content has to give up your big ego

Now it’s 1 a.m, the night or the morning you call. But I’m still sitting here, right now, amidst a blanket of pillows, 1 party is the brother sleeping in the middle of the morning, 1 side of the 2-year-old child, all the shadows that were just left in the saddle. Every time I, midnight, between bed, im quiet to great happiness.

My DAY is when I get up when I sleep. The rest of your stay is when you’re asleep. And indeed, my child is no different from the owl. It’s a half-night, dark and quiet. To try, say rest with me, 2 years now it’s too luxury, and so on.

In the day, aside from feeding, you, sleep, play, cry, laugh, fall, drown, wrap,… I also worry about 1 breakfast, 2 main meals, 2 cups of dishwasher, clothes, 2 cleaning… If I’m lucky, I’ll be the husband of the cook, but then will have to clean up 1 battlefield beach from kitchen to bathroom, dirty!

When you take the home, I have to listen, call, check the message, compose the sales online, advise if you have a question, and ignore to buy online things needed for the family, 1 the procedure in reverse and I am a guest. Accordingly, the minutes of wrapping, shipment, receiving, and entering with shipper.

If it’s a bit more free, I have about 1 hour for you to go out for a walk, play bike, or count the leafy trees by the lake. In the house for long, the two mothers and my children need oxygen relay.

When you sleep or play 1 or sit quietly watching its TV channel, I have about 30-45p to read books, learn voices, read Scriptures, or hug more specialized phones.

Where do you question all of my daily post from? Why do I say it’s busy and still writing crap? It’s a rival, yes, it’s a literal meaning. I’m a child when I play, when I sleep, wait for the pot, for example,… And so that the mind is not paralyzed, bored or empty, I hear all the time can not look at the phone. On Youtube There are many interesting channels, from history, economics, fashion, culture, entertainment. I have heard the economic news, the channel expert analysis of the virtual solution, and the history of the east. It’s tired, I listen to music. Recently, I was cooking and listening to the Chinese language training clips. My husband is not in the same kitchen, or does not cook, or cook all, just because it does not tolerate sound “unpunctured pan ” in a small space.

To compose 1 post sales per day is also hard job very energy, really. Because of the basics, I am inexhaustive and not inspiring, the idea that the whole body and mind are not at rest.

So, pursuing the Content group every day with me is 1 formidable challenge. All day I thought about the question, the topic to write. The ones I write are mostly mid-night, when I finally have 1 bit of my own quiet space, rejoin the daytime debris, and connect them together for a downmouth.

Those songs, I didn’t see it myself. Nothing special. But really, it is worth pride in comparison to what I can do. And I suppose I will have to learn how to write long-term, but how to be more concise, turn on more, more attractive.

so, I am a online 33 years old mom, with the little time fund to be hurt, can still write daily. Then you, the younger, the more time for yourself, the less psychotic you are, the more you are busy thinking can not write?

Writing from your own emotions, thoughts, from your own daily life, telling the truth about yourself, is hard to come? Because to get started, you don’t need to write good, write well. You just have to write?!!!

Stopping the rhetoric, stop blaming. As long as we take the ego to school, I will not learn nothing but the pride of the wilderness. Struggling with my ego, we find it really warm around, because only people choose the word, but the words never choose.

You! Let me try!

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