How to write a clearly content?

Writers write a lot immeasurably, but good at writing Content Marketing how many people? Is there any way to not be good at writing and still do Content?

This is a question that I have been pondering every day since I started writing content

I would like to share this very personal perspective to the ACE, everyone see reference, can use it but not use it, thank you


There is a truth, we should accept, that we are mostly selfish people. So should the customer. They don’t care what we’re thinking or feeling. They only care about their PROBLEM.

The same goes for Content. Customers are not online to see ADVERTISEMENTS, what they are looking for is ENTERTAINMENT INFORMATION, or valuable SOLUTIONS for the problems they are facing, or some cool new knowledge in their field. care

Content makers are having a problem, how to sell PRODUCTS?

And so two miserable people, together on the Internet to find solutions to their problems, but go in two different ways.


Ok, who should follow whom now?

Of course, if you really have outstanding solutions, no one is better than me, like my Bat Nha master, he was born to create a new Content school, not only Marketing but also for PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT, heal injuries & excel. People who have their own philosophy, ideology & value system (that is, DAO – or the west called Strategy) so they distinguish very clearly, WHO IS their CUSTOMERS, WHO IS NOT. Those who are not the target customers, they see the method will make it difficult & long so they will not buy, and those who bought are loyal and want to buy forever (Girls who want to buy this guy completely Like me, say it :)))

As gentle as I am, I have to chase after breathless customers. Ie Content I write, based on their needs, interests & interests first, then new, oh, oh, sneakily sneaking up brand messages, or pretty small sales messages inside the article

Customers do not buy because their emotions are not enough to win reason, when there is room for doubt, then it is difficult to sell. Thus, the mission of Content Marketing is to bring positive emotions to customers to bypass their minds

Take a look on customers’ buying journeys, what concerns do they have, where are their worries, what emotions lead them through the buying journey? The psychological ladder inside default & teeth to remove that barrier, we have to write to lead customers. These are what we are going to school

Before you take the intensive class, please refer to the picture below. Going into detail every touch point is a journey, the closer you dig the closer to the treasure

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