5 minutes to review the hottest lighting solutions in 2022

Public areas such as urban corridors, streets, parks, harbors… always require a very high demand for lighting at night, especially street corridors because of frequent traffic at night. . The lighting provided in these areas will help road users limit collisions when participating in traffic and unnecessary risks. In addition to providing light for these areas, it also helps pedestrians distinguish between good and bad people, contributing to ensuring security in public areas.

VNPORTAL architects have come up with safe and suitable lighting solutions for street spaces. VNPORTAL’s urban lighting pylons not only ensure to provide enough light for pedestrians, but also ensure aesthetics, contribute to brightening the street space, and at the same time save energy when in use. .

The material of urban and street lighting poles is mostly made of cast iron, steel or cast aluminum with various designs. The poles are mounted from 1 to 5 bulbs on the light rods above. Depending on the area of ​​the lighting area and the needs of the consumer, choose the appropriate lighting product.

Hot dipped galvanized high pressure lamp pole and street light pole

High-pressure light poles are hot-dip galvanized and need specialized street lights for highways and main roads, so they must ensure the requirements of safety, certainty and stability when in use. can cope with erratic weather conditions.

Products manufactured by VNPORTAL such as high-pressure light poles are hot-dip galvanized, manufactured in many stages, meticulously and precisely. High-pressure light poles are all made from cast iron or pure steel, rolled and bent under the influence of machines, going through 7 strict steps such as:

– Step 1: Treat with high concentration HCI.

– Step 2: Clean with dilute HCI and other additives.

– Step 3: Wash the acid at the overflow tank and completely clean the surface of the lamp post before hot-dip galvanizing.

– Step 4: Check all the above steps, then bring the lamp post to hot and galvanized.

– Step 5: Chemical treatment to increase the adhesion of zinc, then proceed to dry.

– Step 6: Dip zinc into hot zinc solution and handle related problems.

– Step 7: Check the surface again before completing the production process.

With the above strict production process, VNPORTAL’s hot-dip galvanized light poles all meet ASTM 123 standards, the durability is challenging with time.

Light poles with heights from 5m to 50m

The application of light poles from 5m to 50m high is used for street lighting, highway lighting, commercial centers, factories or warehouses.

The light poles from 5m to 50m are also hot-dip galvanized, manufactured from high-grade alloys such as cast iron and steel. The materials used to manufacture the lamp posts are in accordance with the standards of JIS 3101, SS400, JIS 3106. Above are additional light poles and led light bulbs, below are cast iron pillars. , sturdy to use.

Garden light pole

In addition to the purpose of lighting the garden decorative lamp post, it also meets the needs of decorating and beautifying the garden campus with many models and designs from classic to modern, meeting the needs of users.

Like high-pressure light poles, the materials used to produce garden and park lighting poles are alloys such as cast iron, steel, and cast aluminum; The arm of the chandelier is made from cast aluminum, above are LED lights or solar bulbs.

Lampposts decorate urban spaces and street corridors

The model of the decorative lamp post in urban space has the same structure as the garden light pillar, in addition to lighting purposes, it also beautifies the urban space. Models, sizes are rich and diverse, suitable for installation in many different spaces.

The common sizes of urban decorative light poles and street corridors have a height of 4m or more. The materials are all made from high-grade cast iron or cast aluminum, composed of four main parts: pillar base, foundation bolts, light poles and light rods.

Street lights, high-voltage bulbs and other lighting accessories such as power packs from 150w to 400w.

All kinds of street lights or high-pressure bulbs, and VNPORTAL’s lighting accessories are all manufactured with high-quality alloys, LED chip bulbs for internal lighting for strong, durable light, heat dissipation. less and save energy when in use.

Led street lights and industrial LED bulbs

Led street lights and industrial LED bulbs need to provide enough light, providing a safe and effective working space for employees. Warehouses and factories have large areas and open spaces, so it is necessary to use lights with high power and strong light efficiency.

Standards of LED street lights and industrial LED lights must have luminance to ensure reasonableness, CRI color rendering of 60 or more. The production materials must be made from high-grade alloys, providing durability and safety.

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