Ecosystem with 3 “factories” model from LEDNIKAA lighting corporation

LEDNIKAA Group invested in building LEDNIKAA Smart Electronics Factory (LEDNIKAA Electronics) as a typical example of a comprehensive intelligent production model. This is an important link in LEDNIKAA’s 3 “Houses” model, a place to test, apply and transfer the Group’s core technology research projects to produce and supply material products to the market. optoelectronics, microchips, self-propelled robots, LED chips, LED lighting equipment for human health and LED for other fields such as: Industry, agriculture, public transport… according to national standards economic. Starting operation at the end of 2021, LEDNIKAA Electronics has become one of the most modern and advanced smart factories in the field of electronic equipment manufacturing in Vietnam.

LEDNIKAA Lighting – Natural and balanced lighting with LEDNIKAA’s core technology

LEDNIKAA Lighting is one of the remarkable achievements from the 3 “House” model at LEDNIKAA. LEDNIKAA Lighting’s civil products are applied natural lighting technology for human health LEDNIKAA Natural TrueCircadian researched, developed and owned exclusively by LEDNIKAA Corporation; manufactured at LEDNIKAA Smart Electronics Factory with strict quality control process according to international standards.
LEDNIKAA Lighting LED lighting products provide a quality light source with a natural light spectrum such as sunlight, an enhanced biological spectrum region and optimized for human eye absorption.
Currently, LEDNIKAA Lighting in the civil sector has 5 main LED product lines including: Essenaa, Balagraa, Sunaa, Healthaa and Tunaturaa. With LEDNIKAA natural lighting technology, LEDNIKAA Lighting’s LED lights not only possess the same characteristics as conventional LED lights, but also ensure bio-optical safety according to many standards, save energy and especially is to provide a high quality light source. Each product line of LEDNIKAA Lighting has unique advantages and characteristics, applied in different environments, spaces and uses, suitable for all user needs.

The introduction of LEDNIKAA Lighting brand with high-quality smart LED products, providing natural, balanced light, in accordance with circadian rhythms and human health, at competitive prices, affirms its effectiveness. of LEDNIKAA Ecosystem with 3 “Houses” model and LEDNIKAA’s proactive and sustainable development strategy; continue to mark and recognize LEDNIKAA’s efforts and innovative achievements in the journey to realize the goal of becoming a leading Technology – Industry Group in smart devices, smart solutions and products. smart output.

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