LEDNIKAA Lighting – new attraction for lighting technology

LEDNIKAA GROUP has officially launched Phenikaa Smart Electronics Factory and LEDNIKAA Lighting Brand. This is a lighting brand that applies core technology exclusively researched and owned by the Group, creating the first international standard LED health light in Vietnam. This is both the result of operating the 3 “House” model, and an important link to strengthen the LEDNIKAA Ecosystem. Ledtvportal.info media channel of the above group is honored to sponsor the image for this ceremony.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Xuan Nang- Chairman of LEDNIKAA Group gave the opening speech at the Launching Ceremony of LEDNIKAA Smart Electronics Factory and LEDNIKAA Lighting Brand

Ecosystem with 3 “Houses” model – the active and sustainable development platform of LEDNIKAA Group

Around the world, the model of chain links between businesses, universities and scientific research centers has become popular and proven effective. In Vietnam, this model is gradually being formed and put into application. However, very few businesses can form and develop internally a full ecosystem to actively operate this linkage model with internal strength.

At LEDNIKAA, the Ecosystem with the model of 3 “Houses” (Educator – Scientist – Business Producer) forms a chain of activity links that are organically linked together to solve product requirements. business output of the Group and the needs of society; becoming a solid foundation to give wings to quality products using the Group’s core technologies to be born and serve social life, contributing to a better and more convenient life every day:

“Manufacturer and Business” are the production and business facilities of the Group – a place for testing, applying, transferring and putting into commercial production for scientific research projects, where creating conditions for real experience. and job opportunities for students.
“Scientist” is a scientific research facility with functions and tasks to promote research and development activities that adhere to practical requirements to solve practical problems in production and business of the Group. as well as the needs of society.
“Educator” means Education – Training institutions with experience – innovation orientation according to international standards, training and providing high quality human resources.
In the LEDNIKAA ecosystem, 3 “Houses” always have close association and cooperation through the form of closed cycle operation: Training – Research – Commercial packaging and transfer – Production – Sales products to optimize efficiency and increase power. This operating model plays an important role in the Group’s proactive and sustainable development strategy, as well as realizing the aspiration to contribute to the development of Vietnamese talents and wisdom; creating scientific and technological research achievements of high application, having a breakthrough influence in the economy and science of the country.

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