VNPORTAL – a breakthrough in providing lighting solutions in 2022

VNPORTAL Lighting Company is a reputable unit specializing in the distribution of lighting solutions such as LED lighting, solar lights, high pressure pillar lights, garden decorative lights… market, VNPORTAL increasingly asserts its position in the lighting market today. On the occasion of this brand launch event, would like to invite you to read through this article.

History of establishment and development of VNPORTAL

VNPORTAL has a history of formation and development with more than 15 years. This is one of the distributors and suppliers of diversified lighting solutions, meeting the needs of the market.

Starting as a small-scale company with a meager number of more than a dozen people, under the leadership of Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, through many years of development, persistent and active operation in the market, Up to now, VNPORTAL has had a large scale with two spacious factories in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai with thousands of employees, becoming one of the key enterprises in the market. distribution of lighting solutions today.

Two large factories with a scale of thousands of m2, located in the center of big cities, with modern production lines and skilled staff, the ability to supply hundreds of thousands of projector products to the market. morning every year with a stable number of customers..

Achievements and mission of VNPORTAL


After nearly 20 years of construction, development and growth, VNPORTAL is now a partner of thousands of large and small businesses, factories and warehouses across the country. Currently, VNPORTAL has been providing lighting solutions for a number of partners such as: State-scale projects; Large and small enterprises across the country; Hotels, restaurants or commercial centers; Business households and civil and public works; Households across Vietnam’s provinces.

Currently, VNPORTAL’s products are certified with ISO number HT 1802-21 for quality and are present on all roads, bringing safe and economical light to works, contributing to improving the quality of life.


– Bring clean energy to every home from crowded cities to remote border areas of the country.

– Create economic and social value from the best quality products.

– Contributing to the development of the electricity industry, solar power in particular and the development of lighting solutions in general.

– Contributing to the overall development of the economy across the country.

– Join hands with society to fight climate change globally.

Understanding the increasing demand for safe and durable lighting solutions of customers, with a country experiencing rapid urbanization like ours and the outstanding development and growth of In many industries, the demand for lighting is always very exciting. That’s why VNPORTAL’s development staff is constantly innovating, trying, and researching to come up with all kinds of lighting solutions. From electrically powered lighting devices to those using the clean energy of the sun. From small civil works to national projects. VNPORTAL always strives to bring the most perfect lighting solutions to customers.

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